Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sugar Hill, New Hampshire

Hmm... Let's talk about the smallest place I've ever been to. Ever. That I am aware of. Not until we came to Sugar Hill. No wonder I've never heard of it!!

So, after breakfast Joseph and I went driving, which is something that I love to do. My father gave me the love of long leisurely drives when I was a little girl and we'd go driving every Sunday.

Joseph basically drove the course he ran which was around 6 miles. And let me just say that Sunset Hill House is on THE HILL which is surrounded by THE MOUNTAINS. And THE HILL is NOT SMALL. I think Sugar Hill is higher than it is wide because the drive was very short.

We did end up at Harman's Cheese Shop which was wonderful. We got a half pound of the Really Aged Cheddar and a horseradish Cheddar. And I scored 7 new jars of mustards. Happy happy!!

That was a short 20 minute stop. Then we ended up at The Sugar Hill Sampler, which is a short walk from the Sunset Hill House. And it was very interesting with an assortment of miniature doll house things, to wooden bowls, and handbraided baskets which were intricate and just beautiful - some were made out of PINE NEEDLES! And there were soaps, and candles, and quilts. And a food section where I got some pickling kits, some cheese crackers, and a jar of mustard. Another one. Happy happy!!!

When we got ready to check out, I noticed some veggies. They were so green and beautiful that I thought they were fake. So I had to touch them and discovered they were REAL. They came from the owner's son's garden next door and were picked that morning. These were the best looking carrots, green and yellow squash, lettuce, and cucumbers I've ever laid eyes and hands on. Amazing. I was bummed out that we couldn't get them.

Anyway, the town is tiny, we are back, I scored 8 jars of mustards and an assortment of other goodies. And now Joseph is taking a nap.

In my calculations, that's not bad for an hour's worth of driving!



Blogger Paul Nichols said...

Would like to be there. We like tiny towns, specially in the west. Ghost towns, even. Never been in the NE. An autumn trip there is on our bucket list. I'm off to our nearby farmer's market for some more fresh veggies. What to choose, what to choose... BTW: I have fallen deeply in love with figs this year. Suh-weet!

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