Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Sunset Hill House

So, we arrived yesterday afternoon in the middle of muck and drizzle and lightning flashes everywhere.

First, it's an old house that was built in 1880. The stairs are crooked, the floors are slanted, and the house itself has lots of room that interconnect through a variety of think hallways and landings. It's really very very charming. Wonderful.

When we came in, we got off of 117 and drove up. And up and up and up. Hmmm... And then we took another left and kept going up. Ears started popping and we could see the clouds getting lower. And then there it was, right on the street, separated by a single thing asphalt sidewalk - the Sunset Hill House.

The actual Sunset Hill House was across the street but it was razed in 1973 or something like that. And the Sunset Hill House that is still here used to the house that housed the servants of the guests, who stayed in the main Sunset Hill House across the narrow street. Yeah. I had to read that line twice in the brochure. I guess in the old days there was more destination travel via horse and buggy and you lodaded up personal property, adults, kids AND the servants and you stayed for a while.

We have a room is on the second floor with a fabulous view. The room is small and serviceable, no dresser, but it has a closet, and a nice bathroom without any counters. I have placed most things on the nightstand next to the bed, on the small desk, on the little sitting chairs, and on the floor. They do have two sturdy luggage racks.

The balcony is large enough for wrought metal table and 2 matching chairs and looks over the pool over to the right, and fields of flowers, and shrubs, and trees, and then you slowly look up and there are the mountains. Directly across from us is Cannon Mountain.

This morning Joseph went for a run. He didn't say much about it except that he only went 6 miles. We went down for breakfast and all of the wedding guests and family were there. Very very cozy. I really loved it.

Breakfast was actually pretty exceptional. There was the requisite coffee and juice. On the side board there were minature apple turnover squares and cranberry scones. There were a lot of standards on the menu - bacon, eggs, ham, eggs, cheese infused home fries, bread, buckwheat pancakes, etc etc etc. They also had a couple of specials - blueberry pancakes and a western-style omelet. I asked for ONE pancake because I know that they are usually huge and I can bare eat one, never mind a short stack. Joseph said he would have what I didn't eat. I soon regretted it because it was clear, that this over-blueberried, soft, moist, large pancake was something that I just wanted to hoard and eat all by myself. I have never seen so many blueberries in a pancake! And they didn't just lay them on top, it was very evident that the blueberries had been put into the batter and mixed in. It was the BEST blueberry pancake I've ever had. And the bacon was also thick and crisp. Perfect. If I had not been conscious of my diet I would have asked for seconds. Then there was the eggs - 1 egg, 1 egg white, over easy - perfectly cooked. And the home fries that rosemary in them and it was delicious!!

They are supposed to have one of the best restaurants around and have been written up. Sad to say they are closed because the wedding we are attending has taken over the whole house and the kitchen. And another sad this is that the wine list is really good. During breakfast Joseph read the wine list cover to cover. All I heard were appreciative groans and grunts which I took to be good signs. After he put the list down and declared, "it's too bad we won't be able to eat at the restaurant, the wines look really good."

We are going to go driving around Sugar Hill next. We might find something interesting. Like a bear or a moose.

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