Thursday, September 03, 2009


I more than doubled in just 3 days. And rumor has it, there could be more.

The last week has been a flurry of activity. I went from 1 group, 4 managers, 74 people to 5 groups, 8 managers, and 165 people. And in a week, a month, who knows when but SOON, I could be getting 1 more manager, 6 more people and another whole group. And maybe up to 3 more groups in the next 6 months. Maybe. Hopefully not. GOOD LORD!

Oh, and my very Own Admin who wants CONTROL of my CALENDAR!!! Does she not know how sacred my calendar is?? Obviously not. And I also indirectly inherited my New Boss's Admin. A whole new set of Admins to get used to.

Oh, did I mention that? I have a New Boss. Yah. I have a New Boss, too.

I've been in more meetings and reviews than I can count. Strangely enough, none have been with my New Boss. I met with him about a week ago when we talked about the POSSIBILITY of all this. And then, POOF. The possibility became REALITY and I've been running on high and on fumes ever since.

So next week I am driving to 3 "near" offices to meet with the new people. Then next week I am having all my managers come in for 2 days of meetings. And then the following week, I am doing The Epic Journey.

I leave for Salt Lake City on Monday afternoon. Tuesday morning I'm in the office. Then Tuesday afternoon I fly to Dallas. Then Wednesday in Dallas. Thursday morning I go to Cincinnati. Meetings inthe afternoon. Then Friday morning, I go to Raleigh. Meetings mid-day. That evening I fly out of Raleigh and come home.

The trip from hell.
I was going to spend the weekend in Raleigh and see my sister who I miss so much! But the tickets got tricky and the price got higher and what a damn cluster! So not this time. It's just as well. I'd probably be too cranky by the time the weekend rolled around.

All I got to say is I better not be catching any swine flu!!!



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