Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bit the Bullet: Body Bugg

I bit the bullet and I finally ordered the Body Bugg. I'd first heard of it on the Biggest Loser and I've been looking at it for over a year. And I finally did it.

I used their calculator, and their definitions, I spend the day doing LIGHT activity. When I run, it is considered MODERATE, and when I lift it is considered VERY HEAVY or something.

So at my current weight, my BMR is 1321. At my goal weight it's 1234. That is what it takes to keep me alive. That means keeping my systems running so I do not fizzle out like some Borg.

Then I started plugging in the numbers and at my current weight the calories a day I need to MAINTAIN is:
  • Light = 1774
  • Moderate = 1900
  • Weights = 2151
To lose half a pound of weight a week, I need to substract 250 calories a day from the above. Now, this doesn't include water or any of that or the fact that you could gain muscle weight, etc.

Then I plug in the numbers for my goal weight. And to maintain that, I need the following daily calories:
  • Light - 1608
  • Moderate = 1722
  • Weights = 1950
Wow. The body is so amazingly efficient that it sucks if you like to eat. So that is my situation. I either learn to eat differently, learn to like a little less food every day, live a little longer (according to this scientist guy I know who ran a lab studying our friend, the blueberry). OR I can be fat, eat a lot, and basically die younger.

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Ok. Thought I'd share.

Hopefully the Body Bugg will help me control my eating. I love numbers. So knowing is going to be better than not knowing. Keeps me from making excuses and takes most of the guess work out of it. I heard it on the news this morning - calories in, calories out... as complex as the body is, it is amazingly simple.

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