Friday, September 04, 2009

High Cholesterol

I am so bummed out. I got the results of my latest blood test and my cholesterol is HIGHER than when I first went on Lipitor. I bet it's the bacon every morning. I thought that taking Lipitor meant there were no limits. But sadly, I was mistaken. This means I need to go back to quarterly testing, cutting out bacon, limiting red meat to 3 times a week (BAH!) and taking some fish oil.

The good news is that my HDL is high and my Triglycerides are within the normal range. It's just my LDL which is 3 points below the new standard and much higher than the old standard. Of course, the new standard came out becaues people were getting so fat they had to reset the standard to the population. It's like those stupid weight charts. Since everyone is fat or obese, let's just make the standard change to fit the fat ajd obese. Idiotic.

Anyway... my missing in the next 4 months is better eating, exercising more regularly, getting my body fat down (which is different that the usual "I must lose weight" mantra).

All I gotta say is...

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Blogger Luminita said...

I hate how they changed the charts too, it's so stupid! They did it for kids charts as well, and now, normal looking kids are "below" the average.

7:42 AM  

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