Sunday, October 18, 2009


This new reorg at work is killing me. I told my new boss the other day that since joining his new organization, my workload has quadrupled and I am not sure I can tell him why.

He said, he understood (since he is also relatively new to the company) and said there was just too much work happening because no one did the right thing before and we are cleaning up from years of ignorant activity. Ok. He didn't say that last part. I am editorializing.

So, I have to go to China for 2 weeks at the end of the month and I am working up a frothy frenzy trying to get work out the door! And it's the worst time of the year- budget, billing, forecasting, business planning and reviews, performance reviews for staff and bonus recommendations - it's insane!

I am living through the proverbial "pour" because the rain spout opened and I am being deluged.

Anyway... I am also having to plan for the China Trip.

Hmmm... Ok. Haven't mentioned the China Trip too much here. It's a Big One.



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