Monday, November 02, 2009

Busy day in China

Yesterday was a whirlwind. Our first night with an 8 yo, followed by a day full of paperwork, and riding in cabs, going from one office to another office, signing papers, red index finger prints instead of chops. GOOD GRIEF!

At one point, we had to go to the bank. They counted our money 3 times and inspected each one front and back before they converted it for us. And they used a machine!

In the middle of all the paperwork, we managed to go to a mall (very different from Malls at home). They are buildings housing small shops, what would pass as Kiosks at home. Sort of the type you see at marathon expos. Anyway, we got swim trunks and goggles for JJ. JJ and Baba's first foray into the pool was hilarious. I took lots of pictures of that. At one point, I stopped long before the swimming stopped. I mean, let's get real. After so many, it all looks the same. Right? :o)

We also had to go to the Children's Welfare Institute (the Orphanage). He was very excited and knew the neighborhood as we arrived. The guide asked JJ if he wanted to go back to the orphanage. And he said, no, he wanted to go home to America. There. He made his choice. This was very good.

I also had my Mean Mom Moment at the bank. He is so interested in helping. So much so, he got in the way. So I pulled him over, said something in fast English about behaving and when I call him, he needs to come over asap, etc. And I finished off with "dong bu dong?" In other words, "do you understand?" And he said, "dong." (I understand.). Hmmm. Amazing how an Irritated Mom is a universal language! LOL.

But he is very good. Very neat. Very helpful. And he is even teaching us Chinese. He slows down when he talks to us, is patient, repeats his sentences and helps us understand. There is also a lot of gesturing. Forget formal good Chinese grammar.

Another interesting moment was at the Marriage Registration Office where we had to sign more paperwork. The Social Worker, Teacher Yuan, and the woman in the office (she seemed to be higher ranking than the others in the office because she was closer to the head official - the guy who sat in the single office) had a raging argument. GOOD GOD!!! You never heard such screaming and yelling. Never cross an annoyed Chinese woman! I understood a little - it was precipitated by knowing where some paperwork is - which I had in my packet. Anyway, evidently there is some bad blood between them and we just sort of kept our heads down, our eyes low, and kept quiet! Never get between two angry Asian women! JJ just looked up, wide-eyed, at the whole thing.

Everywhere we went, people said that JJ was so lucky. But our friend Daniel said it best when he said, he seems smart and active and alert and so we are lucky. This is very true.

That's about it for yesterday.

Today, we wait to hear about the certificate, the passport, etc, and more paperwork and the notary office. No idea. We just do as we are told.

Hopefully, we will meet up with some friends here. And we will look for a small hand held video game for him so that when Joseph and I are on the BB, he can be like Mama and Baba and be on his video game. :o). So far, he puts on his swim goggles when we put on our glasses. I think we have to get him some sunglasses.

And he loves the flashlight that Joseph brought with him. He has also figured out how to work Baba's little digital camera. He must have take about 300 pictures. Too bad the dianchi died. LOL.

More later!

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