Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Double Arch Day in China

Yesterday was a sloooooow day. We stayed close to the hotel in case our paperwork was done and we got the phone call to go back to the government office to meet our guide. That's what we were told to do.

Have you sat in a hotel room with a very active, non-couch potato, 8 yo boy for the entire morning? Yah. Okkkkkk.

Around noon I called the guide. "Don't worry.". Okkkkkk. She had not heard anything yet. "Everything will be fine.". That is the same mantra I hear from almost every Chinese person I've met, come to think of it. And I've met a LOT of them. It's almost like a universal motto here. I mean, if you take a look at their history, which was totally out of their control... you kinda have to get Zen about the whole thing. All I know is that as bad as Korean history was, I would have hated to be a Chinese female - before the or after the war and the takeover.

So after that little bit of cthat onfidence builder, we decided to take JJ to the Double Arches, the Red and Yellow, the Big M. He had asked for it the first day we met him. We immediately fell into our parental role and said "no." So when we approached, he was so excited. We had heard that MacDonalds and KFC were THE Places to take kids and if they went, they have "arrived." We thought he had been there before but this was his first time. It's interesting that he asked for it the first day we met him. I guess MacDonalds is THAT universal. Amazing.

It is comforting to know that even in China, you can belly up to a MacDonalds and get nearly the same thing as the USA. My chicken sandwich was nicely spiced and the french fries were the same. And when we asked if they spoke English, all eyes turned to one girl and she helped us. NICE.

We then walked around a long block. We passed by a bank of equipment I first thought was a playground. It was actually exercise equipment, much of it using your body weight. Sort of like circuit training. And there were OLD people using them. OLD as in 80 or 90 -ish old. Not a fat person among them. No walkers or canes either. I think the Chinese are onto something.

In the afternoon, my friend Lilly came in from Shanghai. Thank GOD!!! A day without a guide and our eating was going downhill. We were going to become the fat, ugly Americans while in China! She took us to a hot pot place where we did NOT get hot pot but we did get some very good authentic food! We ordered Orange Juice for JJ and it took about 30 minutes to get to us. Well, as much as I complained, when we each tried a sip, we realized why. It is fresher than the freshest squeezed in front of my eyes that I've ever had.

We are seeing that JJ asks for things. He actually puts out his hand, palms up. Can I just tell you how revolting that is? Not just from him but from anyone- even adults. That is one gesture that I cannot tolerate. Don't know why. Just is. But then, I found it to be sad and distasteful at the same time because he is an orphanage kid and had nothing. So what informaton did he that this was appropriate behavior? And that he could actually ask? I was highly annoyed. But, it turned out that if we say no and he doesn't get it, he doesn't care. He moves onto the next thing. I'm sure he was told by the Nannies he would get everything since he was going to rich Americans. The first three things he asked for, he didn't get. LOL. I think expectations are being set because now he walks around saying, "no no no.".

Oh, one thing to note was the grayish pall that hovered over the city during mid-day. Smog. I never would have believed it.

That's it for now. JJ will wake up exactly at 6am. I am going to have to get up earlier than 6 if I want to have quiet time when I get back. Oh well...

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Blogger Chris Hughes said...

> JJ will wake up exactly at 6am. I am going to have to get up earlier than 6 if I want to have quiet time when I get back. Oh well...

Welcome to parenthood. Its a universal thing...not a JJ thing!!


And congrats too! :-)

5:49 PM  

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