Thursday, November 12, 2009

Going to America

We are on the bus. And it's a cool quiet morning. We passed the streets of Guangzhou "proper" which we walked before and it's unrecognizably quiet. The lull before the storm of activity which will ensue as the run rises.

Now we are on the plane and taxing. Heading to Hong Kong. They checked our bags to San Francisco so we were able to take advantage of the two bags per person 50"
Lb per bag limit. As well as additional carry on. Every family had at least 1 additional checked bag and more carry ons not to mention bottles, strollers, diaper bags, and other infant accoutrements. We were lucky. Our "baby" could roll and carry carryons for us! LOL.

The check in process was weird. Very stacked up. Obviously no one told them that there were 10 families coming through with a mix of chinese and american passports. LOL. After the first few families, they got used to it and things were smooth.

The boarding process was an orderly queue. Everyone just got in line in whatever order. There was no elite line or children first policy.

We managed to spend a bit of the remaining Chinese money stocking up on snacks for JJ. It will be interesting waning him off of a full Chinese diet. But at the orphanage it seems they had milk and bread for breakfast. We know he ate a lot of noodles. But there is no way I'm gonna be getting up to make him noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It will be cereal, sandwiches, soups. Luckily, he like Snyder's honey dijon pretzel chips and flavored potato chips and Subway sandwiches. He's lucky that at least Mama bakes her own bread and that we live near may Chinese grocers. Whatever the other moms have in their carts is going into mine! LOL.

This is the first of 3 flights. When we told him we would be taking 3 different airplanes, he couldn't believe it! We had to tell him 3 times. And then he said, "it's impossible!!" LOL.

Next stop is Hong Kong.

Zaijian, everyone, zaijian!

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