Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Last Day

Today was the last day in China. We came two weeks ago and we will take away with us a most precious gift - the Gift of a Child. One so sparkly and so bright that he lights up the darkest and rainiest day we've had on this trip.

When he got up this morning, we told JJ that tomorrow morning we are going to Meiguo (America). We are going to the feijichang (airport) and take the plane to America. And he smiled his big smile and laughed his high laughed, crawled back into bed, pulled the covers over his head, and said, "shui jiao" (go to sleep). He wants tomorrow to come quickly. He has been singing a little song he made up about going to America. Neil Diamond would have been proud. And he's been telling everyone about his trip.

We spent a lazy morning, talking, watching the heavy rain, wondering occasionally if a swim was in order (it was not) and started packing.

After lunch at the local Chinese/European style deli, we did more shopping, including the purchase of a couple of suitcases needed to bring back some additional purchases. The extra suitcase we brought from home packed with things for JJ has multiplied and we were overflowing.

Then we went to a Thai restaurant - one of the best dinners so far - on Shamian (the Land of Idyllic Ambiance lest anyone forget). And this time, we saw no wedding photographers! The interesting thing was that Harriet noticed napkins were on the menu for a charge. The Chinese have this thing about doling out single ply dribs and drabs of paper, whether it is tissue or napkins or paper towels or whatever. And so we decided to splurge and order napkins with dinner. They brought us a packet of handy pack kleenex. I hate to think what that cost.

We came back and waited for our guide to come bring us paperwork for immigration. She got here just before 7pm. And we are now in possession of the infamous Brown Envelope which contains all the paperwork for American Customs, copies of JJ's Chinese passport and a receipt for payment, and another sealed gray-brown envelope with JJ's American passport and visa, which has his Chinese passport stapled to the outside

Tomorrow, breakfast is at 6. Bags put outside our rooms before 6:20. On the bus to leave by 6:40. Onto Hong Kong, then to San Francisco. Where JJ will go through customs and become a newly adopted son of the United States of America with all the unalienable rights bestowed upon him as citizen.

It is a momentus occasion as more than one Chinese in China and the USA have told me. They cite his good fortune and tell us how lucky he is. But when good Karma is generated and flows through the whole world, it brings good fortune to us all.

We are waiting to talk to Ye Ye in American before going to bed. And we will tell him that we will meet him in the middle. He'll come forward in time to us and we will go back to our future. And we will see him tomorrow.

I hope we can get some sleep!!

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