Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Meeting Day

It's a good morning, America!

It's a good morning, indeed!

Today is 1-1-1. As in November 1. It's a snowy day in Beijing. There is significance in all that. The fact that it adds up to 3. And that it's the earliest snowfall that the locals can remember. And that it is clear and crisp.

And this morning, we met our son.

We met with our new guide, Lilly, in the lobby of the hotel this morning and we chatted about the process. It was an anticipatory and nervous chatter. Then the teacher from the orphanage came. I don't think she was a real teacher but an official. So calling someone "teacher" is a sign of respect for upper level people. We think that she was JJ's case worker who basically prepared him for adoption and for transition into a family.

We started out with doing some question and answers and nice-nice conversation. Then the paperwork checks, which caused some bit of a problem due to my name being different. After great chatter, it was agreed that we would continue with the process cautiously with the understanding that the paperwork would need to be created in the next day or so. I know that the Agency back home was just gonna love this. We knew it was wrong and I was told that they were "working on it." Obviously, it was going to be down to the wire.

We were at the copy maker when JJ came in. Joseph's Mom brought him to us in the business center, which was all the way on the other side of the hotel lobby. He called for Mama, and then for Baba, and then Mei Mei... who, uh... didn't really exist so Joseph and I just loopked at each other.

He is tall. I was shocked. There was a 9 yo boy traveling with us and JJ is 8 and taller than him! We thought he'd be smaller after hearing the anecdotes from other people who had children much smaller than the standard height and weight charts.

He seemed to take to us right away. My friend H said he came in and asked for Mama, then Baba, and then Mei Mei. I think he was looking for my niece Hannah. He had our photo album we sent him and he showed us all the pictures we sent him, naming each of us. It was amazing.

He is already learning English. Starting to switch back and forth from Chinese to English. He seems to be really smart. He is very active and has good motor coordination. H said that at first blush, he seemed to be mentally good.

For those that do not already know, JJ has corrected cleft lip, palate and VSD (ventricular Septal Defect - which is, simply put, a hole in his heart). H checked his mouth and commented that he has a wide palate. He will definitely have more surgeries when we get him home. He will also need speech therapy. We have a hard time understanding him with our limited Chinese because of his lisp and his inability to say aspirants. But when he says English words I can definitely understand what he is trying to say. And when I correct him, he works very hard at saying the words correctly.

Other than that, he's good. Actually, he is GREAT! Such a happy kid. He was very outgoing and affectionate. He seems to want to be with baba but it very interested in pleasing mama. He also likes transformers, which are age-appropriate according to H. And the toys that Niles (our friend Yongmei's son in the USA) sent with us were a huge hit! He was ecstatic! I had no idea what they were, of course.

He was brave and cried only once when the teacher gave him a lecture (and Asian lectures are always arduous. You have to be Asian to understand that kind of pain.) She told him that he is a very lucky boy and that he is going to America with very nice people and that he must be good. That is what Lilly The Guide told us when she translated the conversation. I think Joseph has it recorded so we will play it back andd find someone to tell us what it really says! LOL! Anyway, that's when he broke down. Small tears, veiled by a smile. It was sad and sweet at the same time. And he knew it.

He walks with us and holds our hand.
It seems he's been waiting for a family for a long time.

We will see how this day holds up.

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Blogger Paul Nichols said...

I wish many rich blessings for both you and Joseph——and JJ. You are a remarkable couple and JJ will have remarkable opportunity to make you proud.

God bless you all.

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