Friday, November 06, 2009

Observation of the Day: Stepford Stewardesses

There are a lot of observations so I'll ration them out in case I run out. Hah!

Last night we took Hainian Airlines from Beijing to Guangzhou. The Hainian Airline stewardesses are like cookies. All identical. They're all uniformly tall - maybe 5'7" or 5'9", and slender, classically beautiful in the face in the Asian sense of "classical." :o). Very smooth skin,very fair coloring, and beautifully made up.

It's like they have a template. If you want the job, you stand behind it. If you fit that template you're hired. If not... "NEXT!"

Sort of like Chinese Stepford Village.

Ok. Since were on the airline theme, another observation. The process of getting OFF the plane was a major cluster. Good GRIEF! People from the back of the plane were climbing over each other in the aisle trying to get out. And the door wasn't even open yet! There was no waiting your turn here. None at all. The men! PFFFFT!!!! They was taking their bags, slinging it around, stepping on people, hitting people with their bag, old, young, children women did not matter. Not. At. All.

I finally had to shove a guy back, stepping into the aisle, and said "step back, bozo."

Not sure if they understood but they stepped back.

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