Thursday, December 31, 2009

Interesting Christmas

I would like to note that for Christmas, Joseph gave me the Neiman Marcus version of TLC's "What not to wear."

I am THAT bad a dresser.

Actually, it's not that I am BAD... it's just that I do not dress appropriately. I am all about sweats and running gear. I used to dress really well. Then we went to business casual at work and I discovered Eileen Fisher and then I started gaining weight and along with that comes a desire to refrain from clothes shopping for a whole slew of reasons, not the least of wish is this supreme confidence that you will lose weight in short or, which we all know never happens...

Even in my daily out of work life, I live in running pants. It all started with that weight gain and jeans just cinched into my waist, driving me to distraction and I discovered the Elastic Waist. And I had a buncharunning pants with ELASTIC WAISTS!! Love at first try! Seriously.

And so... it culminated when I went into a meeting with my boss's boss. About 25 people. All men except for three women. There was me, the only female executive (I have a hard time thinking of myself that way), and the secretary, and the HR rep. And the secretary and HR rep were both dressed better than I was. I came home and told Joseph about it.

Then I was traveling and meeting with a new level of senior execs and I know that they noticed what I had on. I could tell. These are guys who wear tabbed or collar stay shirts with silk ties and custom suits. Ok. Off the Rack suits. This is a business casual environment, after all. But very expensive off the rack suits...

And so, on Christmas Morning, I opened a box, expecting the usual favorite gift, the Louis Vuitton pocketbook, and uh... hmmm... there was a card... and ummm... from Neiman Marcus (ok... that was a good sign)... and a gift card with some unknown amount and a business card of a woman who is a personal shopper....

Great. I have to call her. And meet with her face to face. Great. So not a people person....

Joseph told me that I have to call her on Saturday.

I wonder if I can use it on skin care?

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