Sunday, December 06, 2009

My Sister and Mountain Dew

My sister has a habit of popping in my email box while I am at work with non-sequiters from left field. The following is an example:
Mia: When you mix green and purple Mountain Dew, it turns GREY! and yes, I've had too much caffeine.

ME: Wow. There's purple mountain dew? So how long did it take you to figure this out?

MIA: The cafeteria started selling purple Diet Mountain Dew "Voltage". I just mixed it with my regular Mountain Dew today.


MIA: oops excuse me, it's called "Ultra Violet". Voltage is blue I think.

ME: That has so much caffeine! I can't believe you drink it!

MIA: I've been on a caffeine vacation for two months, so whenever I have it afterwards, I am completely hyper.

ME: Ah. That's healthy.

MIA: Hey I have to have something now that I've cut down on red meat!

ME: Good god. Why would you do that?

MIA: Because it's healthy! ..... I was just at the salad bar, the doctor in front of me was at the only place for dark leafy greens, and he was picking out certain leaves one by one. I wanted to throw a banana at his head.

ME: OMG. Do NOT make me laugh out loud when I am drinking hot tea!!!

MIA: Well, it's true!

ME: You need a blog.

MIA: Well I don't like talking to people, esp a bunch of strangers.

ME: And that's why you need a blog!

MIA: That's bananas!



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