Monday, January 18, 2010


So, the thing to know about India is that the hotels have butlers. At least the hotels I've stayed in do. Even WORK has butlers. Anyway...

I didn't know this but...
All week I've been trying to get to Ali, the first butler I met when I arrived. I thought he was the only one. Then I met Mohan the next morning. I asked what happened to Ali and Mohan said that Ali switched to nights. Huh. I guess they take turns.

I gave Mohan a tip. But knowing there are two complicated things. So, I tried to find a way to see Ali but to no avail. I guess I could leave it in the room. But there are two room boys in the morning. And I leave a tip for them daily. What if they take Ali's tip?

So, now I have Mohan who I already tipped, Ali who I need to tip, and the two room boys who I think I tip every morning.

So, this morning, I left a tip in the little tray of coffees, knowing that the butler handles the bottled water and the coffee station, as well as bring you fruits, and anything else you might want. And this afternoon when I came back from work, it was gone.

So, thinking that I still needed to tip Ali, who I now believed was the night butler, I asked Lilly and she said to call the Butler Desk and they will send the butler and he will bring what you need.

Huh. Okkkkk.....

Additionally, she said that when she ordered a yogurt and some bread, THREE butlers came to her.

How many butlers do they have? Well, obviously, they have THREE. At least.

So tonight, I called the Butler Desk for dinner. There is room service but what I wanted was Pho from Blue Ginger and a fruit platter of just watermelon, pineapple, and kiwi.

In between the call and the waiting, another room boy different from the ones I see in the morning rang the door bell to see if I wanted turn down service. GOOD GOD!

Anyway, the butler delivers my dinner order and this time, it's neither Mohan nor Ali. It's Sagar. A new one. Turns out there are 3 butlers. He is the afternoon butler. Ali worked this morning. And Mohan is working the night shift. The night shift is from 10pm-7am. The morning shift is from 6am-3pm. And the afternoon shift is from 2pm-11pm. They each work 9 hours shifts so they can spend an hour handing off work. And they all rotate shifts throughout the week.

I might just call the Butler Desk tomorrow and ask to see them all at once so I can tip them and get it over with.

Now, I have to figure out the whole Room Boy situation.

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