Saturday, January 16, 2010

Couple of new restaurants in India

I had thought about giving up on trying new places to eat but yesterday, we ended up at two new places.

The issue is that during the week, you can forget going out for lunch unless it is very close by. Even then it will take you 30-45 minutes to get there. The issue is that traffic. Unimagineably congested, crazy traffic. Busy. No order. It's a free for all. So we have exhausted all of the places close to the office.

In the evening, we are so jetlagged and the traffic is so bad, it is almost not worth it!

So the only time that we have to really explore is on the weekends. And yesterday, in between the trips to get carvings and curtains, we ended up at two wonderful restaurants.

The first was Caperberry (which I keep referring to Crackberry for some ungodly reason). It is a chic, European, minimalist style restaurant located behind a jewelry store of all places. You have a choice of 3 items or 4 items. 2 of the items in every set is the dessert bar and the salad bar. You get to choose between one or two entrees. We ended up getting entrees and sharing all the plates. It was wondering. They have veg and non-veg categories. And under each there is Coca and main dishes. We had no idea what Coca was but we soon discovered that it is a pizza (do not think Italian... it's not more nouvelle pizza). Anyway... the food was wonderful! And portions were reasonable. I highly recommend this restaurant for those who need a break from Indian food or something more European. Even just a really good meal.

The second was Mainland China. It is probably one of the best Chinese restaurants I've been to in India(and there are some REALLY good ones in India) and certainly beats out 90% of the places I've been to in America. It's slightly different from the ones in China but it still ranks very high with the ones I experienced in China. Anyway, I had the hot and sour wonton soup in clear broth. We had some chicken dish that seemed to be baby drumstick "lollipops" with a five spice sauce, softshell crab in black pepper sauce (Fabulous!), Hakka noodles (very good), fried rice with veggies (very "clean" and healthy - fresh!), sea bass in parsley sauce (DELICIOUS), Chicken in garlic chili sauce (needed to be a bit spicier but the sauce was wonderful), stir fried veggies in a spicy brown sauce (YUMMY!). No dessert. Did not have room! Although the sweetened honey noodles did sound good. This place is one I would definitely go back to. Unfortunately only for dinner because it is so far away.

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