Sunday, January 17, 2010

Domestic In India

So, we're on our way to Chennai. 4:15 am pick up from the hotel. This is the first time there and the first time flying domestic.

The road to the airport was relatively empty. "Relatively" being the operative word. But at 3:30 am, there were still a lot of cars out. Compared to the US, it's what you'd expect in a moderate city or town on any weekend day.

The thing that struck me was how with clearly drawn lanes and a relatively light road, people still drove bad. They swerved back and forth as if the lanes didn't exist. They drove within inches of each others bumpers. Honking, flashing their high beams. Amazing.

It also seems that people drive fast on the right lane, not the left like in the US. Regardless, people pass to the left, right, up the middle, to and fro. What a cluster.

So Lilly was saying that when Shivani came over to the US to do her L1 stint, she drove about 20 mph on the highway. She worked herself up to 45. And she'd wander from lane to lane with her blinkers on. Like she was in India. Lilly had to give her a lesson on US driving. Also, if you're in the US for more than a month, you have to get an American driver's license. It seems that international is only good for a month. So this means they have to take the written test with all of the rules.


Yup. Too funny. In India, I think you just get behind the wheel and if you survive they give you a license. And we all know there are no rules for driving.

I'm still laughing. I guess they have to study really hard.

Anyway, the domestic airport is now nice and new as a part of the whole new airport complex. As a result the check in process was smoother.

It amazed me how people would get into lines but if they saw a line "open" they would rush over and cut in front of you. I say "open" because you're in line waiting and if you don't move fast enough, it's a free for all. At one point some Indian women crossed over 3 lanes to cut in front of me. I looked back at Lilly and she had her jaw on the ground, I made some loud snarky comment about rude people. She looked at me and I looked at her. And I said to her, this is why people think India is so rude and disorganized.

Anyway, after we made it to the counter, the woman told us that our airline is 2 counters over!
We've been standing in the wrong line?
Well, it would help if you people had SIGNS on your screen as opposed to stupid logos about hiding firearms! Seriously. There are NO SIGNS!

But it got better because a nice Jet Airways lady came over, took our itineraries and we basically got brought to the front of the line.

And there was a "Ladies Only" security line which was MUCH shorter than the "Gents" line. This was due to the pat down which was done to the side behind privacy curtains.

I'd say that going through security was a breeze.

It could also be the lack of teeming, writhing humanity, too.

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Blogger Chris Hughes said...

Yep. Did the domestic india flights on JET airways on my last trip too. Better than I expected!

7:07 PM  
Blogger deborah said...

I know that I had to study very hard for my written driver's license 4 years ago, and I'm not even Indian.

7:47 PM  

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