Friday, January 15, 2010

Fashion TV

There is a fashion channel at the hotel. And it's pretty much on whenever I am in the room. I tried CNN and all that but they bring foreign news, not American news. I think it hit home when they introduced the American President, Obama, after the earthquake in Haiti. After that, I lost interest. Who cares about the rest of the world?

I know.
Spoken like a true American.

Oh, and that followed by... "oh, I should make a donation..."
Which is what Americans typically do.

Anyway, I found Fashion TV. And it's all about the runway fashion shows in Paris and Milan, featuring all of the famous designers. They even had one on Victoria Secret. Let me just say that thoe models look like Amazons and I know they are like sticks. Stick Skinny. Talk about the TV putting 20 pounds on you. What a understatement!

Anyway... Given that I have bought a lot of business clothes, and I just did a lot of shopping for fancy shoes and handbags, I am starting to spiral into the clothes thing. Again. I left this behind about 15 years ago. And thus, the recent buying excurions. Not to mention that India has a lot of formal bags for $40 give or take that you would pay $300-$600, $700 for. It's all the hand work to sew on the tiny little beads. And formal shoes that are also about $200-$300 that I got for $20-$40. Seriously.

Anyway, I am starting to get a lottle hooked. There are some clothes on this channel that I know I would like to wear and would look good in if I lost about 15 pounds. Which is totally doable.

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