Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Final Word from the Boss

The Boss is Joseph.

He came by on his way to dinner with his niece at Vlora.
I am supposed to be there too.
But I am here.
Doing the thing I hate the most.
Trying on clothes.
The expensive kind.
And not only that...
But having someone pay close person attention to me.
Which is the second thing I hate the most.

So, we chatted.
Joseph and Randi chatted.
And then they both lectured me.

Randi walked out at one point, Joseph looked at the Chanel jacket and proclaimed I had to have it, "of course." I almost had a heart attack. I even showed him the price tag.

Basically I have put off buying clothes for the last 14 years.
Other than running clothes, shorts, sweats, and t's.
Work clothes? How boring. No interest.
And so, here I am making up for lost time.
And in that lost time, fashion has moved forward.
My role at work has moved forward.
And all that time I complained and worried that I was becoming a frump?
Well... little did I know, I was already there. And then some.

So... At one point, Joseph pointed out to Randi that my fleece pants, my pink LLBean turtle next, my fleece vest... well, it is sort of my uniform.
And of course, Randi looked up and said, "oh, well, that's fine. Only at home though, right?"
And Joseph laughed.
And he said, "she put on her good fleece pants just for you."
And she looked shocked.

Ok ok ok.
I like to be comfortable.
No one cares.
No one sees me.
Everyone dresses this way.

To which... they both ignored me.

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