Thursday, January 07, 2010

Finally Leaving

GOOD GOD! I am finally leaving for the airport! Today was supposed to be an easy day.


Should have known.

JJ is home from school for the week, recovering from his surgery.
I was supposed to take the day off so I could pack.
Do you THINK that happened??


Of course not.
Instead, I found myself in meeting after meeting.
JJ had to go to the bathroom. I myself barely had time.
And then JJ had to eat. I myself didn't even have time.
I packed between meetings, during meetings, any time I had to get up from the table to somewhere, I'd walk by the suitcase and drop something in.
This took all morning.
And of course, I am sure I forgot something!

I rushed out with the cab honking and JJ calling me and saying goodbye and all that...

And now... peace.
Until I get to the airport.
Then I have to make it through check in and security.

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