Friday, January 15, 2010

I THINK I might be able to squeeze in ONE MORE!

It's Saturday morning. I'm waiting for Lilly. And I am starving. Again. :o\ But I just talked to her so she will be up and ready in 30 minutes. :o)

I just packed the suitcase of the purchases so far and um... hmmm... well... it's kinda 2/3 full. Kinda. I know. It is or it isn't. Yes. It IS 2/3 full.

So I unzipped the expansion which double the remaining 1/3 space so I still have 2/3 space left. Unfortunately, I haven't packed the stuff I came here with. The good news is that I didn't bring a totally packed suitcase. It was 3/4 fill. I know that 2/3 plus 3/4 is not the same as 2/3 plus 2/3 but one should never underestimate my Squeeze Power. This is where I sit on the suitcase, after filling all the crevasses, and zip it up carefully.

The problem is that we are going shopping again.
Strict instructions from Joseph for a gift to get. I hope I will have room.
And curtains. I am going to see if I can get custom curtains made for one of the bedrooms. They are so cheap here. You buy the materials for like $5 a yard and they sew the panels for $2 or $3 a panel. That is nothing compared to the states.

The good news is that we can overflow into Lilly's second suitcase. Lilly and I work together and she brought a suitcase of just gifts and presents for the staff here in India. And now that we have given them away, that suitcase is empty. I would really like to avoid overflow, though.

We are also going to try out another new restaurant here. So far we have only tired one new place called OKO at the The Lalit Ashok It's Thai, Japanese, Chinese fusion and it was so good we've been twice. Lilly found another one called Crackberry. It is supposed to be near MG Road where we are going shopping for the gift Joseph wanted me to buy.

And then tonight we are going to Eswar's house for dinner. Eswar worked for me in Boston about... oh... 10, 12 years ago as a contractor. Then he left to go to Florida and Texas for other opportunities for a few years. He always kept in touch through email. I would get holiday greets and announcements about the birth of his children. Then in 2004, he emailed me about a job in India. He would move himself if I had an opening. So, he worked in India for me and just recently he left to a new outside position at a vendor.

The people in India are very close. They keep in close contact with each more often than not. And when Eswar left, this was no exception. So last night, he came to the group outing and it was like he had never left. So he invited us to dinner at his house for tonight. And he is meeting us at the stores to go shopping with us. We are looking forward to this day!

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Blogger Chris Hughes said...

>So I unzipped the expansion which double the remaining 1/3 space so I still have 2/3 space left.

Hmmmm....If the suitcase is 2/3 full and the expansion makes the suitcase another 1/3 larger, then you would have the suitcase half filled and half available....If I follow the math correctly. I think I just did this problem with Logan for her homework the other day! :-)

12:33 PM  

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