Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jet Lag Every Other Day

Every other day, I feel the hammer blow of jet lag. It always happens around 3pm. On the off days, it's around 2pm but it's only a general tiredness and in an hour, I perk up without having to fight it too much. Of course, "perking up" is relative. It just means that I am not dozing off in my chair at work. It only means that I am more awake than asleep but not by much.

Then on the days that it's bad, it hits me and I have to fight really hard. At that point, I am sleep walking in a sense and can barely make it through dinner.

Tonight we are going to Srinivasa's house for dinner. They eat SO LATE! We are to go there around 5:30 pm. What are the chances that we will eat at 6? Or even, 6:30? Yup. It's not too good.

Time to sleep... I wish!



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