Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown - Please

So, now that I am in India, I just remembered the special election to fill Ted Kennedy's vacant seat! If I hadn't been so BUSY and had THOUGHT ABOUT IT, I would have submitted an absentee ballot.

The election is today and everyone, it seems, is on the edge of their seats! This is an email conversation between me, Lilly (who is traveling with me), a guy from TX, and someone else at work who is in the States:
GO from TX: BIG voting day today in MA, can you give people off that are going to vote for Scott Brown. Is that allowed? :-)

Lilly: As far as I am concerned, YES!!

ME: Ok. So someone has to tell the team. I don't think I can do it. Is it a violation??

Lilly [copying WM on the email]: I will volunteer WM!

ME: Ok. him! Tell him to tell people that if they vote for Scott Brown, we will give them a day off! Maybe a week!!

Lilly [to WM]: Spread word around, don't leave traceable records... MA legal resident over voting age only...

ME: Oh. That's a good idea. WM. Are You There??

WM: I voted this morning and will spread the word around !

ME: Ok. Hit all sites. MMK and SMT!!

Lilly: And MRO!

ME: True. Find out who Jack is voting for.

WM:: Brown!

ME: How do you know? Did you ask him??

GO from TX: Hi, Since you all are in India, I was going to put my dress on and go vote for you is that okay..

ME: Sure. Which dress? Make sure it's the nice one. :o)

GO from TX: I meant to say Tammy's dress, I really don't own a dress, ( really ) :-)

ME: I'm not too sure. LOL.

Well.. it worked, dress or no. Scott Brown won. YES!

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Blogger Chris Hughes said...

Awesome work inspiring the vote!

8:14 PM  

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