Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Chinese Valentines New Year!

Ok. So we are sooo confused.

All week, all I heard from JJ is, "Happy New Year. Happy New Year."
Uh... yah. Right.

And it's been getting more frequent as we get closer to tomorrow.
I don't even know when it really is...

It really sucks having Chinese New Year and Valentines Day in the same weekend.
For me and Joseph, it's all about Valentines Day.
And this year, we have a little someone and he happens to be from China so, he is all about Chinese New Year.
Ok kid. Whatever...

Anyway, Joseph is cooking dinner. A special dinner. For me....
Happy happy.

We have had appetizers.
And to JJ, we are having the special dinner because it's Chinese New Year.
Too funny.

All I know is that there is some very lucky girl out there.
Whoever JJ marries is going to be a very lucky girl.
Because he is being trained by Joseph on what men do - cook, clean, make Mama happy... LOL.

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Love it!

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