Friday, March 05, 2010

Dickey's Barbecue Pit

They have one at DFW.
Soooo happy.

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Thursday, March 04, 2010


Just when I get used to driving this mini van and how to use the doors, it's time to turn it in and go home.

On the other hand, I'm going home.

Leaving tomorrow. Happy happy!


Nothing more Texan than...

...standing in the elevator with a guy from "the Beef Marketing Group" and another guy who makes "intervention equipment for the slaughter floors... blah blah blah."

More than I needed to know.


Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I take that back...

Except this morning when a second person from room service knocked on the door with the oatmeal and fruit which I ordered on the Select Guest door tag.

Never happened before.

I just write it down below the other four items that are on the tag (bagel, english muffin, muffin, croissant).
They just charge my room an appropriate amount. And since it's not full size, it's cheaper. Not to mention more convenient.

I better not be getting charged twice or full price for breakfast this morning.


Free Coffee Delivered to Your Door the single best thing I've discovered while traveling.

They knock on your door, set down outside your door and then leave.

No one to talk to.
Nothing to sign.
No chit chat and small talk.
No waiting around for them to come during the 15 minutes you requested.
No running around in a frenzy if they're early or late.

Omni Hotels Select Guest.
An introvert's best friend!


Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Two Things...

I am fat.
I have PF and I can't run.

I guess that's three things.


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Monday, March 01, 2010


Debbie went to see one.
I might do the same.
Maybe help me with my stress levels.
It won't make the source of the stress go away but maybe it'll help with how I respond to it.

Thinking about it.


Random Thought: Suitcase sizes

Why do the largest men travel with the smallest luggage?

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Middle seat



Off to Texas

On the plane again.

There's a big guy sitting in front of me.
What are the chances he won't recline his seat?

So, if anything were to happen on my travels and if we were ever stranded, I would have been the most popular person around.

I used to travel with a survival kit. Iodine pills, deet, waterproof matches, hand crank battery thing, hand crank light, small knife. Of course 9/11 ruined all that.

But I still travel with a lot of food. Of course, I get a load of crap from my friends. When we're stranded, I'm not sharing!

On another note, JJ was very worried about my flying. Yesterday during the closing ceremonies for the Olympics, they did this thing about the planes being diverted during 9/11. I didn't see it. But Joseph said something about them showing planes crashing and I guess JJ saw it. I was very surprised at how many times he told me to be careful and how dangerous it was to fly. Seriously. The first time, it was cute. The second time, it got tiresome. And then about the 50th time, I realized he was really worried. Wow. I still don't know what to think of that.

On another note, people don't know how to board a plane. First of all, WHEELS IN, people, WHEELS IN! And when someone turns your bag around, you have no right to bitch.

And another note, your stupid coat and scarf doesn't need a PRIME OVERHEAD STORAGE SPACE! Kudos to the flight attendant for making you hold onto it until the end.

Yah. Stupidity abounds. Good thing is that Mondays are usually business travelers. Bad thing is they have a sense of entitlement. Like the coat in the overhead.

And this middle seat is empty.
What are the chances??


Random Thought: My Pants

I think I need to get rid of my favorite pants.

I'm so bummed.

Luckily I have a second pair stashed away.
But I'm still bummed because they won't be broken in.

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