Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fresh Spices

I cannot believe that we can't bring fresh spices into the US. ARG!!!

Maybe I'll stick it in my pocket and see what happens.

But we did buy some ground spices. About 10 of them in little baggies. I have to say that the spices we get in the US that we have to pay major $$ for is NOTHING compared to the aromatics and oils available here in the Carribean for a quarter to half the price.

I have to figure out how to store spices for longevity.

We ended up with 3 bars of cocoa - pure coco, not the 85% chocolate bars. Although, Chef Orlando says that is about as close as you will get to pure cocoa. They take the cocoa beans, dry them grind them and make little hard sticks out of them. Then you grate what you want to make cocoa tea, and cocoa sauces. This is a spice, not the sweet chocolate candy you eat at home. I can't wait to give it a try when we get back home.

It's also burning hot in the market.
Thank goodness I brought sunscreen.


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