Friday, April 23, 2010

I Love My Sound Deadening Headphones

I remember buying my Bose Acoustic II Sound Deadening Headphones. It was in 2003 and I was heading to India for the first time. I had seen them on display at South Station. I was a skeptic. I am always a skeptic.

I spent several days walking by them, stopping to ask questions, looking at the specifications. They were $300! I didn't believe that they would work. After worrying about it for days on end I finally extracted a promise of a full money-back no-questions-asked guarantee if I didn't like them.

I have never regretted buying them.
And I take them everywhere I travel.
And this vacation is no exception.

So last night, I decided to give them a try.
I mean, I sleep with them on the plane, right?

And among the tree frogs that come out at night, the birds that sing their loudest, all manner of nocturnal creatures that squeak and squaw and chirrup and chirp - including one that sounds like someone is taking a ball peen hammer to a kettle drum... I slept like a baby.

One of the best purchases that I have ever made.



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