Thursday, April 22, 2010

Paradise is an Island

We have been in what is about as close to Paradise as I think I'll ever get.
Except, of course, the heat.

But Joseph may surprise me yet again.
He out did his own first surprise of Iceland 6 years ago for our anniversary.
Now, 6 years later, we are in St. Lucia.

6 years ago, I told him "I don't want to go anywhere cold."
And we went to Iceland, volanic paradise.
This year, I said, "I don't want to go to an Island."
And we are in St. Lucia.
But it's not really an island because we are at Ladera Resort, half way up, 1000 ft up, on one of their two mountains, the Pitons.

It's open air.
Like a tree house.
We are in a 3 bedroom villa overlooking the Caribbean Sea off in the distance.
Two floors, no outside wall, open to the elements.
And the birds, and the ants, and the geckos, and the GIANT MOTHS, and well.. the soft tropical rain which visited us for the day yesterday.

We are halfway through our vacation and I can definitely wait a long time to go back to civilization.

We arrived on Tuesday to a blasting heat from a furnace.
We sat around and got lazy.
Yesterday was a manicure, body scrub and a mud wrap. Amazing.
Today we hired a driver named Nigel who took us through the local Sourfriere attractions - what would have taken 4 hours took only 2.
Then off to Castries with stops along the way for photo opportunities and for Cassava cake.
OMG. Who knew that a root could be so delicious??
They grate the cassava, then they dry it in a dry pan using dry heat, then they add back moisture and ingredients to make these large english muffin shaped cakes which they then bake over a slow open fire.
I might have to try to make it at home.
I wonder where I can buy Cassava root.
I wonder if I can just by the Cassava flour.
Now THAT would be much easier.

We have been eating at the hotel, breakfast lunch and dinner.
It's supposedly a destination restaurant.
Joseph chose well.

But today we ate lunch in Castries at the Coal Pot Restaurant.
Who knew how to find it?
We drove into Castries, went right, then left and then some sort of other road and next to a small airplane airport, and take a left (no sign) and then take another left into a dirt lot (no sign) and there you are. The Coal Pot.

We sat right at the water's edge.
I had the Stuff Crab appetizer, and Joseph had the Baked Onion Soup. Both were quiet delicious. Then I had the Calamari Creole and Joseph had the Large Shrimp with the coconut curry sauce. They both were served with rice pilao, lentils over banana (they do amazing things with bananas here), a small salad, and fresh steamed vegetables. Amazing.

Ok. That's all for now.
Catching up is hard.
Will try to be better.

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