Saturday, April 24, 2010

People of the Island

This is the last night and I worry about the island.
The people here have 3-5 children and I am wondering how that can be sustained?
It's not a big island.
There is not a lot of industry other than tourism and the things that feed it.
Other than that, it's just the people living life, day to day, doing their thing.
The land is mountainous and it's difficult to build - but the houses are TINY so at least they are conserving space somewhat. But at some point...

The island is the people.
And the people are the island.
I have never experienced that sensation before.
The people are beautiful.
Men and women alike.
No matter the size or shape or age or...

This is a special place.
A land that is carved off and apart from time.
You don't merely enter it.
It totally envelopes and consumes you.
It is truly indescribable.



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