Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sun Spots

Another Crewed Run for the local Dead Runners and BAA.

There were four cars and aboout 17 runners. It was one of our smaller years but it worked out pretty well. This year, the drivers stuck together until the runners started spreading out according to speed.

The only hitch was that when I said, "go to mile 9" Rich made it to Mile 9 exactly while the rest of us went to Mile 9.3 because it was easier to find parking. Figures. What do you expect from an actuarial?

Anyway, it all worked out in the end. I ended up sticking with Joseph most of the way. At Mile 16, he told me to meet him at Mile 19 and that he would run with JJ. Of course that is the beginning of a GIANT HILL. And when I met them at Mile 19.5, here comes Joseph and JJ, all smiles.

I said to Joseph, "Don't tell me that he ran all the way up that hill without stopping."
And Joseph responded, "yup, smiling the whole way."
Great. Figures. I can barely walk up the hill much less skip up at 7:30 mile pace, smiling and singing. I don't know about the singing but I am sure he was talking because JJ doesn't stop talking. He eats my brain.

Afterwards we all met up at the Newton Town Hall again. Joseph seemed to have a really good run. The last one before Boston.

We went to The Union at Newton Center afterwards. We sat outside. And wouldn't you know, the sun was out in full force, and we didn't have an umbrella, much less a place to put it even if we could get one. I tried to sit with my back to the sun. But I could just feel those sun spots and my skin photoaging!! After spending all mnorning in the rising sun! Just my luck. Even JJ bitched and moaned. Ugh. I was so irritated. So I told him to be quiet because it wasn't making anything better. Nice, huh? But it did the trick!

It was a good lunch. I had a Cape Codder, which is a fried fish sandwich, with slaw and onion rings, and a couple of Mayflower Porter.

Now I just finished packing.
I have a bright and early flight tomorrow to San Francisco for a vendor visit.
5 AYYY EMMM Wake Up Call.

At least it is dank and went and overcast in the Bay Area.
No sun spots.

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