Sunday, April 25, 2010

US Customs: "Got Someone on the Loose"

Nothing like going through the last US Customs checkpoint, handing in your customs form that was already reviewed by about 10 other people, and at the last minute being handed a plastic folder with your customs declaration form and being told to go into a different line.

Uh oh.

This is right as you're exiting to go to connecting flights. For which I am going to be late. GAH!

And then you wait in an isolated area with poor Joseph waiting for me.
And the confused customs agent asked if we have different names even though we are m married.
And she says something about someone named Todd.
And I think it's a joke.
And then she asks Joseph what he is carrying.
And she says is he Todd.
Uh... Todd? No...

And then finding out you got pulled for a customs form for someone named Todd.

The customs person was pissed. She muttered, "now I got someone on the loose..."

Well. Someone isn't gonna be happy.
And it's not gonna be Todd.

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