Monday, May 03, 2010

Clean Water

There's a water ban in Boston. A big ole seal around a 10 ft diameter pipe broke, spilling over 237 million gallons of water. This is in Weston, and this particular pipe serves 37 towns east of there, including Boston and Brookline. This is deemed catastrophic and the governor has declared a state of emergency.

237 MILLION gallons.

That is a staggering amount of water.
And what's more staggering is the idea that we need that much water an hour.
And if you extrapolate that out to Massachusetts, and to New England, and then to the rest of the country, it's truly astounding. Actually, I think it's so astounding that there are very few words to due justice to the totally astounding nature of it all.

Anyway, they switched us over to two back up reservoirs which are not fully treated. It's like drinking pond water. So we have to boil it before drinking it, or having it touch anything that will be touching anything we eat (like dishes and utensils) and the food themselves. So we are using plasticware and paper plates with the occassional silverware and prep utensils.

We boiled a ton of water.
We have a HUGE lobster pot and we put water into that.
Then I filled two very large soup pots and boiled that.
And we have about 6 months supply of seltzer water that Joe and I drink.
And we have the water kettle. If you leave the top open a crack, it boils the water until you turn it off as opposed to shutting off automatically. So this means we can get a kettle boiling within 90 second and have it continue for a full minute or more (only a minute is required)

Since I work in Boston, work was also affected.
This morning, used the water kettle I have at work, and brought in Starbucks VIA and had a nice cup of coffee. :o))

I am now the envy of my co-workers and they are interested in how we buy in bulk and stock up.

I am crazy until you need me.



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I know where I'm heading if there is ever a toothpaste emergency.

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