Sunday, May 30, 2010

First Ride of the Season

Actually, it's the first ride of TWO seasons.
Yeah. It's pretty lame.

It was hard. Very hard.
My back hurt, my butt hurt, my hands and arms hurt.
Everything hurt.
Poor Joseph went out with me - after his 50-miler yesterday and 10-mile run this morning. At least it was slow enough that he could have eaten a full course meal while riding.

Yeah. That slow.
At least it was a nice recovery ride for him.

I am really out of shape.
Really Really out of shape.

9.38 miles in 43 minutes.
Really slow.
Really really slow.

Now I have it in my head that I might do a century later this summer.

But I can't be that slow.
Or it will take me two days to finish.



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