Friday, May 14, 2010

More Texas Dining

I was in Texas for work again this week. I got to try out another couple of new restaurants.

The first was Korea House in Korea town in Dallas. This was more mainstream, commercial, bigger, etc than the other places I've been to. In fact, instead of being in an attached building in a strip mall they have their own detached building in a strip mall.

Everything in Dallas seems to in a strip mall. Everything.

It was quite good with a varied selection. The only issue I had was that the red pepper paste sauce for the bibinbop was't hot enough and the ahl chigae had too many (unspicy) pepper flakes. But the fact that they even have ahl chigae tells you that the clientele is largely Korean so they have to satisfy "native" tastes.

The second place was a Tex Mex place in Grapevine called Los Cabos which someone at work recommended as THE Tex Mex Place. It was a bit of a detour between the office and the hotel but we didn't have to drive over an hour to another place that was brazilian that someone else recommended. Someone from New England, not from Texas, mind you.

Anyway, we drove through Old Grapevine which is a very quaint little area and if I have time the future just to roam around, I would mind spending and afternoon combing through the shops and eating in the little cafes. Anyway, Los Cabos is oin a strip mall (go figture). And when you enter, the first thing you notice is the array of inflatable beer marketing products hanging from the ceiling. The next thing you notice is that you made it in time for Happy Hour which means beer for $2 and margaritas for $3.95 - and it was ANY margarita - not just the plain ole same ole house margarita. Guess what I had. Perfect. Yup. A Perfect Margarita - hadn't had one of those in a long time.

I am not sure if the place was THE best Tex Mex food around since Mexican and Tex Mex all blend together and taste all the same to me - pico, salsa, guacamole, chips, tortillas, peppers.. on and on and on. Same same.

I had a spicy shrimp dish served with Mexican rice (not to be confused with Spanish rice, dirty rice, or rice with beans in it) and a very nice pico de gallo (which was so nice I asked for an extra side dish). The tortilla chips were home made (aka deep-fried) and the guacamole was amazing. The salsa tasted more like it had beans in it and it wasn't spicy at all. I was disappointed.

Overall the price was definitely right, it was very casual, and the margaritas were the right price and very very tasty, served up in big draft type glass mugs. YUMMY!

Would I go back? Sure. Might not be on the TOP of my list but good enough for me to put them on my revisit list.

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Blogger Chris Hughes said...

Whats wrong with Strip Malls! LOL!

Ahem, you were supposed to alert me when you were coming to Yee-haw-ville?

Anyway - *The* Mexican restaurant in Grapevine is Esparzas - which is in an old house downtown!

1:09 PM  
Blogger J said...

I forgot! Sorry.
And THAT is the one that I was thinking of but I couldn't remember the name!!

3:51 PM  

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