Saturday, May 15, 2010

My First Book

When I got home from Texas, I opened up a package to find the book I ordered. Actually it's not a book, per se. It's paperback and bound but it's my blog from 2003. I saw an ad for making your "blog book" one day as I was blogging away and hit the "publish post" button. I was skeptical but I thought I'd give it a try.

I got to pick my cover - a nice orange with leaves. Hard to describe but it's pretty.

And it is 8x10 with a glossy paper cover, and really nice thick pages. There is a table of Contents for every blog entry, the blog titles are in blue, and the lettering is in black. It's simple. But very nice.

I can't remember how it's priced. I think by page and then you add on or something like this. Anyway, 6 months of blogging cost me about $54.00. Of course that included a PDF version which I haven't received yet. I thought I was getting a disk. Maybe I am getting it through email. erp... Ok. Maybe I should check my inbox!

Anyway, I think I will order a Blog Book for every year.

Now I just have to find that link to order from...



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