Wednesday, June 02, 2010


We had a RIF.
Another one.
It seems like it's happening every six months.
But in a couple of weeks, we are meeting with one of the execs to tell them why my team is "different" and why we can't continue laying people off every six months. And my boss is supporting us in this seemingly impossible endeavor.

Anyway, I got the following email from someone who was impacted:
"Just wanted to say bye and thank for keeping me safe this long. I appreciate the opportunities I’ve had. I am sad but OK with this.

Here is my info for now. I ask only that you don’t share any of it with anyone without telling me first. I’m temporarily with my mom but the phone is my cell phone."
So sitting idle in Philadelphia, waiting to catch the next flight, I check in with the team.

And to the last man... What does it say about a management team when people break down, not at the mention of their impact and loss of a job, but at the mention of the relationship and the bond between people? That we value our time with them and they have made this a better organization. And that they are special to us in this organization. And to me.

We don't read from a script.
HR doesn't know that.

It goes further to support my premise that humanity and dignity are the fuels that make this organization, and the people in it, great.

This one really hit home.

So. Freekin'. Sad.



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