Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Emma's story book

Emailing my friend, Lilly, from at work.

LILLY: So, tomorrow will be Emma's last school day. She brought back a bag of goodies (school work)today. And one of them was her story book. All funny stories and pictures. Most of them were around Rachel (big sister) this, Rachel that, and stuff they did together. Towards the end of the book, I read this:
"My mom's boss is very mean!!"
Followed by the picture with a nice mommy (me with orange hair of course), and a "shouting boss." Eyes crossed, mouth wide open, with NO HANDS OR ARMS.


ME: :o| [thinking: wait, I'm the boss...] Ok. That's not really all that funny.

LILLY: It is very funny. I swear that I have no idea where Emma got that from... She loves you. You looked pretty on the picture - She's going to add arms and hands later. Minor fix.:)))) I will bring it to the airshow [in two weeks].

ME: [thinking: glad she thinks it's "minor"] Hmph. I am not interested.

LILLY: Ok, just clarified with Emma - the "boss" in her picture was Wayne [someone we work with who used to be her boss]. LOL.

ME: HAH! LOL! Good. I will look at it at the airshow.



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