Friday, June 11, 2010

More tales from Work

My boss is killing me. We had a meeting with a vendor and my boss asked me to write up all of the notes and next steps and send out to the group. And being the lowest rung manager (except for My Good Friend Lilly who I know is capturing all the notes verbatim), I say ok.

So he forwards my note verbatim to the CIO, who then sends that note to my boss’s boss and a bunchaother people. GAK!

ME: People need to start deleting my name from things!

BOSS: Hah. Your name gives me instant credibility as sponsor. I would not have deleted a thing. :-)

ME: [thinking: I hate visibility] I'm going to come up and commit Hari Kari right outside your door.

[I forward the note to a few of my mangers, so they can see all the work I will be delegating to them.]

ME: My boss is KILLING ME!

LILLY: I had to look up Hari Kari [she’s Chinese, English, much less Japanese is not her first language]. LOL.

ME: Lilly, don't laugh. After he's done killing me, you're next! HAH!

[...Radio Silence...]




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