Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vacationing with LIlly

We went to RI for the weekend. Joseph rented a house in South Kingstown. So who knew that South Kingstown would be 30 miles away from North Kingstown??

The two families got a long great. JJ played with Emma and Rachel and had an absolute ball. On Saturday, we went to the RI airshow. Our friend Carole and her husband Steve, can over afterwards for dinner. Had the best time cooking, and eating and drinking! LOL.

On Sunday, I went for a bike ride. I wish I had brought my other bike for Lilly. I think it will fit her fine. But she needs shoes for the clips. Or maybe the hybrid that I never use. On the way home from my bike ride, I passed Lilly with the kids walking on the side of the road. No one recognized me except for Rachel! LOL! Even JJ didn't think it was me. I don't blame them. I don't look like the usual me when I am decked out in my bike gear.

Afterwards, we went to Narraganset to an art show. Ho hum... boring. Nothing too interesting. It was REALLY hot and SUNNY (which I hate) and lots of pictures and drawing. Whatever. Next year, we really need to rent a house together in Narragansett.

Lilly and family went back on Sunday. I was so bummed out. Andrew had to work. He rules that house in so many ways. They should have brought two cars!! JJ missed the girls that night. I felt bad for his loneliness.

Monday, we came home and Jenn and Andy had cleaned the house. Again. Yes. They moved in. More on that later.

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