Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A more interesting day...

I forgot to bring my gum.



Monday, July 26, 2010

No traffic! I made it with time to spare

Took me about 30 minutes.
Mapquest said it would take 23 minutes.
With time addded for the traffic lights, that's pretty close to perfect timing.

Of course now I am early!


Random Thought: Tight Pleats

I know you're in technology and all BUT...
When your pant pleats stretch and strain, your pants are too tight.



Friday, July 23, 2010

A flash from my past

Riding the train tonight, there was a group of girls giggling.
I looked over once.
They were young.

Then I looked over twice.
Hair pulled back.
All the same height
Clear skin and all bones.

Pink tights.
Comfortable shoes.
Loose tanks layered with lightweight hoodies

I remember and I wish.
The only thing from my youth that I wish for still.


Observation of the Day: Chinese Biking in the Rain

The last time I saw this was in China last year. This morning, I saw it again.

A bike rider in the rain holding an open umbrella.
While riding.
On the sidewalk.
No helmet, of course.
He was Chinese.

Could be a Chinese thing.


Note to my Boss: Death By Meeting

We are in the middle of enlightening ourselves about the meaning of Death by Meeting. We're all reading the book.

And a perfect illustration of such a death is this TLA call I've been on since 8:30 am. And it's still going strong.

After listening to [the bull in the China Shop's] voice and his typing for an hour, I
hung up.

Amazingly, I did not explode.

I cannot wait to read the book.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Random Thought: Purple hair

I don't get it.



Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cappuccino Muffins

My team in Rhode Island moved from one building to another one just across the way (we move around a lot) and today I am here in the new building.

The good news is that the section where my team sits is a doorway away from the cafeteria.
The bad news is the the section where my team sits is a doorway away from the cafeteria. Huh.

The other good news is that they have cappuccino muffins. Homemade cappuccino muffins.
The bad news is... they are homemade cappuccino muffins.
Yah. Really.

Who ever knew cappuccino muffins existed?
Anywhere in this world??
Of course I had to try one.
And my God, they are good.
It's crackly as you bit into it and super duper moist.
Not too sweet with a hint of brown sugar and a full flavor of café latte.

The bad news is that I might have to come down here more.
The worse news is that the traffic hasn't gotten much better.

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Random Thought: Yellow Teeth

Never trust a guy with yellow teeth.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Trigger Finger

I finally decided that living with thumb pain for the rest of my life was not really acceptable and went to the doctor this morning.

Doctor walks in.

Doctor: Let's see what's going on.

Me: I think it's tendinitis


Me: You know. Because I'm a doctor and all.

Doctor: [smile] I'm going to hold your hand in certain areas and then ask you make a fist. [Goes through the drill.]

Doctor: You have Trigger Finger.

Me: What?

Doctor: It happens to very active women who are around menopause. It
could happens 3-6 times in your life, it depends. The tendon is constantly used and it gets thick and it is too big for the tunnels that it goes through. And over time it gets irritated.

Me: Can I do something?

Doctor: No. You need a cortisone shot.

Me: Oh no.

Doctor: You need a cortisone shot. It will take care of it in 90% of the cases.

Me: Oh no.

Doctor: Sometimes it takes two, and rarely will it require surgery. You need a cortisone shot.

Me: Will it hurt?

Doctor: Yup.

Me: A lot?

Doctor: Yup.


Me: Okay.

Doctor: [whips a syringe out of his shirt pocket]

Me: You came prepared.

Doctor: after you, I will see 5 or 6 more just like you. [smiles.]

Me: Oh.
The shot hurt like a mutha. But not as much as the shot in the heel. THANK GOD!

It will take about a week to totally shrink (the tendon is supposed to shrink). And I do not have to do anything special between now and then. If after two weeks I still have some pain, come back for another shot. As IF!

Hopefully, I will not need a second shot.
It still aches a little but I've banged it around quite a bit today.
And even so, it is not as painful as it would have been prior to the shot in the same situation.

There is hope.


Mysterious Food-Born Illness

I think Joseph solved the mystery of why I got so sick during the trip last week. (And I'm just starting to feel somewhat "right" almost five days later, I might note.)

Yesterday, Joseph said he opened up a protein drink and nothing would come out. So when it was forced out, the stuff was globby and yellow. That's when the lightbulb went on.

Last Wednesday (I think) I had a protein drink while waiting for breakfast (which was late because the hotel was having massive issues with delivery for two freekin' days!) And I drank it straight from the container with a straw as I usually do. This time I noticed it seemed a little curdled but I didn't think much of it since it tasted ok.

Then breakfast arrived and I had the yogurt. Then I promptly threw up from about 9am until 1pm. True daughter of a doctor that I am, I knew that was to cure and made myself throw up. I felt much better after everything was out of my system.

Over the weekend I was still lethargic and tired. I had 11 hrs and 10 hrs of sleep, respectively. And now that it's Monday and a work day, I am almost feeling up to snuff. But I am still not 100%.

Of course, you would think I'd lose some weight for all the non-eating I did. And of course, I didn't. Figures.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Magic Soup

Lilly brought a bowl of udon noodle soup from the restaurant and delivered it to my room. It was so good after eating only a half an english muffin all day.

We sat and chatted while I ate.
Noting like the magic of soup.
Comfort food.
And the warming company of a good friend.

There is nothing better for a cure.

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Sick in bed

No idea what happened.
One minute I am fine.
Next minute I'm down.

Actually, I think it started with dinner last night.
A little scotch, a little wine, combined with travel fatigue, not enough water,and a heavy steak dinner.

Mix that with a breakfast of protein drink, fruit yogurt and chia seeds after a fitful night of not getting enough sleep...

After a full morning of getting sick and emptying my stomach in between meetings, I am a little bit better.
I am recovering.
Very tired.
Not hungry.
Drinking lots of water.
Lilly and Wayne went to dinner alone.
I might have them bring me back some rice with soy sauce if I don't fall asleep.

I'm going to go to sleep early if I can.
I'm really exhausted.

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Monday, July 12, 2010


American Airlines SUCKS!!!! This is yet another Epic Saga in the American Airlines Sucks journal.

I traveled to Dallas again yesterday. I am checked in early. I always get to the airport early. I do not get a seat assignment and I find out the plane is delayed until 10:30AM from the original 9:15 am flight. Okay. I can deal with that. Just download some files, get some work done early, etc.

I go to the departure gate and the agent there says to go to Gate 30 and see the rebooking agent there. So there I am standing in line. There is ONE agent at the rebooking desk. I am the third person fourth person in line. The first person in front takes another 10 minutes from the time I get there. Then the next person walks up. She is there for about 20-25 minutes. I look back and there are 10-12 people in line and the line is growing! Like a tumor!

Luckily the guy in front takes a call on his cell phone and steps out of line. I am next.

AGENT: Oh. I can't rebook you.

ME: What?

AGENT: They should have told you. They switched to a smaller plane so I can't rebook you. We are oversold by about 40 people. You have to talk to the gate agent when the gate opens for checking in.

What?? You replaced the plane for a SMALLER PLANE???

So I go back to sit. I am so pissed.
Then up come Lilly and Wayne. They both have seat assignments. All I get from Lilly is "you shouldn't arrive too late, you got here too early, you should be late like me, blah blah blah..." Whatever. Ugh.

So I go back out of the terminal, back to check in, and talk to the nice lady behind the counter.

LADY BEHIND THE COUNTER: By the time you get this notice, it's too late.

ME: I am traveling with two other people and they got seats.

LBTC: Well... you should go back to the gate, and tell them that.

ME: Will it work???

LBTC: Walk up with your friends. There ARE sears available.

ME: Ok.

So I walk through the INSANE STUPID SECURITY LINE and head back to the gate. Ugh.

I stand in the line for the gate agent that is not there. And wait and wait. And Wait. I glance over to Gate 30. I look around the sitting area at the departure gate. I see Wayne sitting there. I call him on the cell phone.

ME: Wayne, can you come and stand in my place?

Wayne: OK!

While he is holding my place, I walk to Gate 30 again. So damn slow. What is it with the SINGLE AGENT Helping DOZENS of people and taking 20 minutes EACH???

I look over at out departure gate. Nothing. Nothing. Then Wayne waves. I start to call and notice that the gate agents are there. So I walked back over. This line moves a bit more quickly.

My turn.

ME: I am traveling with two other people.

AGENT: Who are there?

ME: Her [pointing to Lilly]. And him [pointing to Wayne]. [Lilly and Wayne are sitting there oblivious to my personal crisis!]

AGENT: [nodding] Okay.

ME: Anything you can do would be appreciated.

So... I sit and wait. In the meantime the time is delayed again.
Then 11:30.
Then 12:00
Then 12:40.

In the meantime, they are looking to give $300 to 7 volunteers willing to give up their seat. There are two seats on the 10:15, two seats on the 12:15 and 3 seats on the 4:15. Of course the 10:15 and the 12:15 leave without a single delay! BAH!!!

My name is called and I get a seat.
It's a window seat.

So, that is my tale of woe.

American is so bad.
We all agree that we will now fly Delta even if it means a connection.
I never have issues with Delta.
Delta and Jet Blue (I added that one recently due to all the trips to the West Coast that I make).

At least I was not someone who had a connection.
Let me tell you about some pissed off people.