Monday, July 12, 2010


American Airlines SUCKS!!!! This is yet another Epic Saga in the American Airlines Sucks journal.

I traveled to Dallas again yesterday. I am checked in early. I always get to the airport early. I do not get a seat assignment and I find out the plane is delayed until 10:30AM from the original 9:15 am flight. Okay. I can deal with that. Just download some files, get some work done early, etc.

I go to the departure gate and the agent there says to go to Gate 30 and see the rebooking agent there. So there I am standing in line. There is ONE agent at the rebooking desk. I am the third person fourth person in line. The first person in front takes another 10 minutes from the time I get there. Then the next person walks up. She is there for about 20-25 minutes. I look back and there are 10-12 people in line and the line is growing! Like a tumor!

Luckily the guy in front takes a call on his cell phone and steps out of line. I am next.

AGENT: Oh. I can't rebook you.

ME: What?

AGENT: They should have told you. They switched to a smaller plane so I can't rebook you. We are oversold by about 40 people. You have to talk to the gate agent when the gate opens for checking in.

What?? You replaced the plane for a SMALLER PLANE???

So I go back to sit. I am so pissed.
Then up come Lilly and Wayne. They both have seat assignments. All I get from Lilly is "you shouldn't arrive too late, you got here too early, you should be late like me, blah blah blah..." Whatever. Ugh.

So I go back out of the terminal, back to check in, and talk to the nice lady behind the counter.

LADY BEHIND THE COUNTER: By the time you get this notice, it's too late.

ME: I am traveling with two other people and they got seats.

LBTC: Well... you should go back to the gate, and tell them that.

ME: Will it work???

LBTC: Walk up with your friends. There ARE sears available.

ME: Ok.

So I walk through the INSANE STUPID SECURITY LINE and head back to the gate. Ugh.

I stand in the line for the gate agent that is not there. And wait and wait. And Wait. I glance over to Gate 30. I look around the sitting area at the departure gate. I see Wayne sitting there. I call him on the cell phone.

ME: Wayne, can you come and stand in my place?

Wayne: OK!

While he is holding my place, I walk to Gate 30 again. So damn slow. What is it with the SINGLE AGENT Helping DOZENS of people and taking 20 minutes EACH???

I look over at out departure gate. Nothing. Nothing. Then Wayne waves. I start to call and notice that the gate agents are there. So I walked back over. This line moves a bit more quickly.

My turn.

ME: I am traveling with two other people.

AGENT: Who are there?

ME: Her [pointing to Lilly]. And him [pointing to Wayne]. [Lilly and Wayne are sitting there oblivious to my personal crisis!]

AGENT: [nodding] Okay.

ME: Anything you can do would be appreciated.

So... I sit and wait. In the meantime the time is delayed again.
Then 11:30.
Then 12:00
Then 12:40.

In the meantime, they are looking to give $300 to 7 volunteers willing to give up their seat. There are two seats on the 10:15, two seats on the 12:15 and 3 seats on the 4:15. Of course the 10:15 and the 12:15 leave without a single delay! BAH!!!

My name is called and I get a seat.
It's a window seat.

So, that is my tale of woe.

American is so bad.
We all agree that we will now fly Delta even if it means a connection.
I never have issues with Delta.
Delta and Jet Blue (I added that one recently due to all the trips to the West Coast that I make).

At least I was not someone who had a connection.
Let me tell you about some pissed off people.



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