Monday, July 19, 2010

Trigger Finger

I finally decided that living with thumb pain for the rest of my life was not really acceptable and went to the doctor this morning.

Doctor walks in.

Doctor: Let's see what's going on.

Me: I think it's tendinitis


Me: You know. Because I'm a doctor and all.

Doctor: [smile] I'm going to hold your hand in certain areas and then ask you make a fist. [Goes through the drill.]

Doctor: You have Trigger Finger.

Me: What?

Doctor: It happens to very active women who are around menopause. It
could happens 3-6 times in your life, it depends. The tendon is constantly used and it gets thick and it is too big for the tunnels that it goes through. And over time it gets irritated.

Me: Can I do something?

Doctor: No. You need a cortisone shot.

Me: Oh no.

Doctor: You need a cortisone shot. It will take care of it in 90% of the cases.

Me: Oh no.

Doctor: Sometimes it takes two, and rarely will it require surgery. You need a cortisone shot.

Me: Will it hurt?

Doctor: Yup.

Me: A lot?

Doctor: Yup.


Me: Okay.

Doctor: [whips a syringe out of his shirt pocket]

Me: You came prepared.

Doctor: after you, I will see 5 or 6 more just like you. [smiles.]

Me: Oh.
The shot hurt like a mutha. But not as much as the shot in the heel. THANK GOD!

It will take about a week to totally shrink (the tendon is supposed to shrink). And I do not have to do anything special between now and then. If after two weeks I still have some pain, come back for another shot. As IF!

Hopefully, I will not need a second shot.
It still aches a little but I've banged it around quite a bit today.
And even so, it is not as painful as it would have been prior to the shot in the same situation.

There is hope.



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