Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Good day

Yesterday was a good day. Joseph left for a 3-day conference in Portland, Maine, on Sunday. This time, I was prepared. I was organized.

I ran in the morning yesterday, walked Dingle Doggie, walked to and from the garage, walked around at work. It got in over 16000 steps. That's about 7 or 8 miles. I stuck to under 1600 calories for the day. I ate at work. It was a perfect diet day. The only thing better is if I had less carbs but this is week one of Phase I so it's ok.

Today we took peter to lunch for his last day. I get one cheat meal in two weeks but day 2 is too early. So I ate half the meal which was HUGE and quite tasty and was quite disciplined about it. The only issue is the amount of carbs.

As for dinner, I am going to keep doing this. Or try to. I'll eat early, at work if I have to, come home and just feed JJ and be done with it. Who says I have to screw up my eating just because I am feeding the kid? It's good to show him that he isn't tied to conform to what other people eat and when they eat. Which is what happened to me. And then I end up feeling bad. Which begs the question "why? What does it matter?"

So this is it. I must eat early.

And no wine. Or less of it. Today it would have taken me over the calorie limit. I get red when I drink because, like 99% of all Asians, I don't have the enzyme to metabolize it. Doesn't mean I can't drink. Just not every night. Screws up my system. I just don't know how. I should google it.

Today was a good day. My thinking is slowly changing. It's hard but I have to keep thinking this way.



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