Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Running outside

I am back in India. Bangalore. This time at the Leela Palace. I like the Taj West End better but the Leela has a better fitness facility.

This morning, I discovered the new meaning of running outdoors.
Ran by the pool on a treadmill.
So much better than the 80 degrees inside of the fitness center.
I went down there this morning and every single machine was in use! So I saw a helper and said I had to wait. He asked if I knew about the treadmills by the pool. I said "no" and so he had another helper take me out. And then he passed me to yet another helper who set me up with a towel and water bottle!

Afterwards, he showed me a shortcut back to the lobby elevators instead of going through the fitness club roundabout way!

And the best part was no loud rock music.
At 6am.

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