Thursday, September 02, 2010

Successor for Wayne

So, at work we have to name our successors. And as a manager, I have to name a successor for all my direct reports. One of them, who has tons of experience and who I have been working with for years and years - too many to count - is especially difficult. And after talking to someone in another group, I suddenly had an "Aha! moment!" So I emailed Wayne and Lilly about it.
ME: I have a successor for Wayne!!Been talking to him. He's been here for 25 years! Everything from Operations to database and mainframe to distributed. Used to do Wayne's job for Maria. I feel better now. This was worrying me so much! Now I have a viable name for the box!

LILLY: I thought he's coming as Peter's replacement! Can you put this on Wayne's 2011 goal? Find Lilly a Lilly? LOL.

ME: I know! But if that doesn't work out I mean! GB said if we find Lilly a Lilly, go ahead and hire her and we'll figure it out. He said that. Seriously.

WAYNE: Hi, I just finished making a soup for tomorrow and found out I have a successor! I don't remember meeting him face to face other than phone call and email.

LILLY: Soup? I love soup... What kind of soup? And what does it have to do with your successor? Sorry, my brain is dead.

WAYNE: Winter melon.

LILLY: Wow!! I love that... With meat?

ME: Bring some soup for Lilly! It will revive her brain!

LILLY: Sounds good!!
So much for the successor.

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