Sunday, October 17, 2010

My First Bachelorette Party

Last night I went to my first bachelorette party ever. Every woman I've told this to recently was shocked about this fact. I never knew that it was so de riguer to go to these things. I remember seeing them so many times over the year, with large hoards dressed in funny hats, face paints, childish costumes with veils and hats and invariably a shirt or a sign that said "bride." I vowed that I was never participating in such a scene. And I was successful until last night.

The good news was that this was a group of 9 older professional women. We even had two doctors in the group, one of which was on call, and a gay man named Brad! LOL.

Recovering from jet lag, I had no desire to go to this thing. I mean, it started at 5:30PM - prime drowsiness hour!! And God only knew when it would end! So while Joseph went off to the Bachelor party, I slowly made my way to the Melting Pot where we would all meet for dinner.

I got to the Melting Pot 10 minutes late and sat down. I heard a voice and looked up to see Germaine. We waited about 10 minutes before the rest of the party to arrived.

I sat on the end with Germaine, Kara (who I already knew pretty well) toward my left and Jenn to my right. Across from Jenn were Kristie and Brad. The other end had Leslie (who none of us knew that well), Katie and then Stacy. Turned out Emily was meeting us at the next venue.

Dinner was good. Germaine and I agreed that fondue was too much work. And we both like anything sauvignon blanc from Marlborough region in New Zealand. And we shared three bottles of wine at our end of the table. I was really nice getting to know Germaine, who I've always really liked but didn't really know too well.

Kristie is someone I only met recently through Joseph who met her through Jenn. Nice girl but there is a hard edge about her. Half the time was spent talking about a guy named Mark from Australia who is coming in for the wedding. Mark is "marked" for Kristie. And evidently they've been emailing and getting to know each other! After the night was over, I still didn't know her that well. Actually she was the only one that I didn't get a good sense of.

Brad is amazing. The women were all over him. But that's easy to do with a guy that's "one of the girls.". There is no commitment and no pressure.

After dinner we went to Limelight and had our own Karaoke room. Brad ran the operations and sang. He knew so many songs - even the rap ones. And rap is hard!

After limelight, we were supposed to go to the Good Times for dancing. Instead, we ended up a block away at Gypsy. When we got there, we were one of the first ones. We all got on the floor and danced together. Brad, of course, was in the middle. As the crowd built, there were a lot of single guys standing around and looking on. I know that Brad was the envy of all the men, dancing with a bevy of the fittest and athletic women in the whole place! It was quite a show!

Afterwards, we went to Kings where the men were. Emily decided to stay and dance while Germaine had called it an early night because of early morning calls at the hospital. And Leslie went home after Karaoke since she was on call.

Joseph had gone home already since he was running a marathon in the morning. It had an 8am start and he was looking at an hour drive to get there!

Before I left, I spent a brief moment talking to Jason, Brian and Jay. Jay is Germaine's boyfriend and I was glad to talk to him. He is such a nice guy and I got to know him a little better.

I came home and I could hear Joseph fast asleep. He sounded exhausted. I am glad to say that I tiptoed around without waking him.



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