Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Friend John

I had a friend named John.
I met him when we were 12.
When we were 16, we both started working at the local Dairy Queen. He cooked. I dealt with the customers.

He was a nice guy. So sweet. Quiet. Contemplative. Different from the others in a world of elite children going to an elite school from families of doctors and lawyers. He didn't hang out. He just was whoever he was and he was kind. Always kind.

And most important he was nice to me.
When almost no one else really was.

And now he is dead.
He took his own life a week ago.
A wife and three small children survive him with a host of other people who loved him.

Rest in peace, John.
I hope you found safety from the demons you faced.
And I hope you can help us chase our own demons away.

Rest in peace.


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