Sunday, November 07, 2010

Trip Up North

I went Up North this weekend. JJ was having an overnight with Niles so he was well taken care of.

I went for illumination, enlightenment, and an epiphany. And I received all three in abundance.

In times of crisis, I withdraw inward while others find blame all around them. Blame is never the answer. It means you must admit that you never had control in the first place. And our sense of control, real or imagined, gives us comfort to be who we are at any given moment.

So I withdraw inside of myself And the inward journey has begun. I must travel through the darkness to reach the light. There is anger, fear, and pain strewn before me and I must wade through it all.

And I am forging forward. I will come out the other side a self, a different "me". And my focus is my son. I see his face that guides me. And gives me strength.

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