Sunday, February 06, 2011

Shingles and Nerves

I have shingles.
Not the kind on the house.
I have the kind that sits in your nerve pathways and lays dormant until you have so much stress in your life and your immune system is so compromised.
Then it pops out.
I knew what it was when I first felt the aching.
I reached back and pressed and there was a burning sensation.
I thought, "Shit! Shingles. Sigh...."
And sure enough, 3 days later, the first blister appeared.

I am on Valtrex.
Third day and the blisters seem to be fading.
And it doesn't seem to be spreading - a good sign.

But then there is the pain.
The nerve pain which is a different kind of pain and can hang on for day, weeks, months and years - long after the blisters have disappeared.
It definitely gives new meaning to "getting on my nerves."
And if you think about all the things that got on your nerves to get to this point, it's really scary.
I guess it's better than a heart attack.