Saturday, November 12, 2011

100 Things About Me #8: I live in my head

It's been a while.
I don't really remember what I wrote before.
But since I am on the path to self-re-discovery, this is a good time to reaffirm for myself all the things that I am.

My therapist told me that I live in my head.
That I have high intellect.
I knew I was smart, but high intellect?
I never thought of myself in those words.

As a result, I can withdraw from the world.
Taking things into my head and processing them there, away from the opinions and views of the people around me, allowing me to keep my own counsel.

I mull things over and rationalize.
I tend to thinks things through before coming to a conclusion.
And sometimes that can take years.
But once my mind is made up, it's done.
I figure I am entitled to my conclusions since I've worked on them for so long.



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